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Skiing Trips

The Eldorado Trail 

This trail goes up to the tree line of the Eldorado Valley from here there are several options that can be skied. It is a bit of a march to get to the skiing but there is a trail and it isn't dependent on the lake freezing. The views from above are pretty amazing.

Time Required: 2hrs one way (to tree line)

Elevation Gain: 550m

Difficulty: Moderate



Atlin Skiing Eldorado Trail

Getting There: Drive down the warm bay rd. 16km to the Mckee creek bridge and cross it. Right on the other side of the bridge is a large pull out : this is where you park. 

Finding the Trail: From the pull out walk up the road heading towards the mountains. 50m along you will come to a fork, go to the left. Do NOT go right this is private property, leave them alone. On the left fork you will end up on the washed out part of the road follow along this always holding right, eventually there will be a old slightly overgrown road that cuts up the forest bank to the right, follow that and turn left where it levels out now you are on the obvious Eldorado Trail. enjoy

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