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 Burdette Cabin 

Burdette Cabin COVID Guidelines

Please read the full guidelines and adhere to them when making plans to book The Burdette Cabin


  • Stay home if you feel unwell or are experiencing symptoms of illness

  • Wash your hands with soap and water and/or use hand sanitizer

  • Maintain social distancing of 2m; where 2m distancing is not possible, use masks.

  • No intermingling of groups:

    • Reservations for cabins can be taken for one group only of friends/family;

    • Combinations of groups to reach maximum occupancy is not permissible;

    • Group size maximum is 6 occupants

  • Cabin surfaces (counters, benches, tables) to be cleaned and sanitized regularly, and a thorough clean and sanitation is required when leaving cabin at end of stay – this is the responsibility of the group using the cabin

  • Partnership groups (Atlin Alpine Society) are to keep records of cabin occupants (each group member)

New For 2024 Season

-Bookings for the winter season begin Jan. 1st at 12:00 (noon) Yukon time for non locals and Dec. 1st at 12:00(noon) for Atlin locals, Atlin locals contact us through our email to make bookings before January 1st                                                               

-Bookings for summer season begin May 15th at 12:00 (noon) Yukon time for non locals and April 15th at 12:00 (noon) for Atlin locals. Atlin locals contact us through our email to make bookings before May 15th.                                                                               

-It will be a new online booking system so first come first served, you will have to pay the full amount in order to make the booking. There will be absolutely NO refunds or credits, so when you pay you commit. Don't bother contacting us about refunds or credits as those emails go into the chump folder and won't be replied to.

-The cabin will be a single unit rental due to the continued concern of COVID, it will cost $125 per night for minimum 2 people and maximum 6 people so the more you are the cheaper it gets. At this point memberships will no longer factor into the booking price until we figure out how that can be automated.

-There is a minimum of a two night stay

-Dogs still are NOT allowed to the cabin

-Hunting is NOT allowed from the cabin.

Important Things to Know When Booking the Cabin

- When you make a reservation the full amount will be required for the booking to be complete. 

- There are absolutely NO refunds; You Book, You Pay.

- There are NO dogs allowed.

- NO HUNTING allowed

- There is a minimum of 2 people per booking.

- Max 7 consecutive nights per group

- Max 6 people

- The shortest way to the cabin in summer requires a high clearance vehicle to get to the trail head. The trail takes a 7 km route with moderate to advanced terrain. In winter the shortest way requires a skidoo to get you part way there. Do not take your snow machine to the cabin as it is located in a non motorized vehicle zone. You must park your skidoo at the "no motorized vehicle beyond this point" sign and snowshoe or ski in the rest of the way. Thank you for helping us keep this beautiful area as pristine as possible.

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