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Mountain Biking Trips

Mckee Creek Loop

This is a loop for those who like a bit of adventure. There is a bit of everything and a lot of somethings. It starts and ends in Atlin. The first part is a 16km stretch down the Warm Bay Road to Mckee Creek, this can be shuttled if you want to save some energy.  Here the trail begins up the north side of Mckee creek. Soon you will encounter some swampy bits  before reaching the subalpine where buck brush will surround you on the trail. Then as you begin to top out you will have to fight through some hefty wet lands. As you near the end of the valley you will come to the end of the wetness and after a last crossing of a still creek you will find an old mining road that will end up taking you back to Atlin via pine creek road that then links into Surprise lake road. Trying to peddle through all of it will make you feel your legs by the end. This loop offers a mix of scenery from mountains to lakes to meandering creeks. If you are up for a challenge  give it a go.

Time Required: 8hrs

Distance: 60 km

Elevation Gain: 700m

Difficulty: Difficult / Adventurous


Atlin Mountain Biking Mckee Creek Loop

Click here to download the map

    This is a fun bike ride that can be done in an afternoon. It starts in Atlin and heads out along the surprise lake road for about 5.5 km which will take you to a big pull out from where you can see the pine creek falls (Worth seeing even if you don't want to bike down the trail after). Right before you get to the pull out there is a small single track trail (that can be a little grown over at the entrance) Leading back towards Atlin. This trail will take you down to the river where it connects into an old mining road which you then follow back out to the surprise lake road. Then enjoy a relaxing ride back into town.

Time Required: 1-2hrs

Distance: 10 km

Elevation Gain: 125m

Difficulty: Easy


Pine Creek Falls Loop

Atlin Mountain Biking Pine Creek Falls Loop

Click here to download the map

 There is so much more around here in Atlin, for some more ideas go to the atlin mountain biking website Here. 


They also have a facebook page that you can follow Here


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